Campbell Thompson Wininger PLLCĀ 
Care Management

  • Care Coordination
  • Care Monitoring
  • Collaboration with medical providers
  • Discharge Planning/Resources
  • Family Support and Education
  • Plans of Care to include assisting in the right caregiver resources
  • Resident Rights Advocacy
  • Nurse Delegation
  • Home Care  & Community Resources
  • We offer (to ease the minds of families not living locally or those with families or obligations that don't let them be available 24/7)
    • regular home monitoring visits
    • accompanying clients to medical appointments
    • arranging all medical care
    • assisting with care coordination and development at long term care facilities
    • contracts can be individualized to be available to the client 24/7 (i.e.- remain at Emergency Dept with resident) 

CTW Caring Solutions

Care management is client centered, nursing based assistance to ensure your loved ones care needs are met.

Suzanne will work directly
with you, your health care providers and your family to provide
individualized service. 

Our care coordinator, Jennifer, also works with our families, clients and their health care providers to ensure comprehensive communication and collaboration.

We do not accept compensation from any outside source for anything we do.  Our services are paid
directly by you or your family.

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